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I also enjoyed scanning through your FC in Japan article and it looks like you realistically covered the situation extremely well.  So much of the popular information leaves out essential realities such as price and can be a bit pie in the sky.  In talking with some fuel cell folks about fc viability the price of electricity is perhaps the major factor.”


Ross McCurdy, M. Ed.

Chemistry and Fuel Cell Educator

Popanagonset HS, Rhode Island 

 “I enjoyed taking a look at your report. ... it is certainly valuable to me from my highly academic vantage point to get a dose of commercialization reality.”

Sossina Haile, PhD.
Professor of Electrochemistry
California Institute of Technology, Pasadena

“Your report is a very good one.” 


Terry Howe, P.Eng.
Product Manager
Ballard Power Systems

“Your report gives an excellent unbiased overview rarely seen in the industry” - Nov., 2005
"Jim, your conclusions are pretty much on the mark." - Feb., 2009

Nick Koviks, P. Engr.
Ballard Power Systems

"I am pleased to hear from you and appreciate the feedback.  You my friend are very impressive!!! 


My report that went to Tokyo was focused on your discussion and knowledge of the players in the market.  The conference would have been very dismal from my point of view without your input.  In fact, I was so charged that I finished my report during the flight back to Texas.

Thank you for the presentation, lead and most of all ~ sharing your knowledge!!!!" - July 2008 

David Cochran
Technical Specialist
Nissan Chemical USA, Houston

 "I read and enjoyed your paper.  The increased emphasis abroad as compared with the U.S. is interesting.  Not sure the reasons for it are fully known."  - May 2009

Kevin Krist
Industry Consultant
Formerly, Gas Technology Institute

"Btw, why are you working on fuel cells??? They don't make any sense."

Ric Folup
VP, Business Development
A123, Watertown, MA
Leading new technology Lithium Ion battery developer, went Chapter 11 before selling assets to Chinese firm
Charlie and Jim:

Charlie, I think Jim would be a great addition to a Fuel Cell workshop for DoD. He knows an awful lot of what’s going on out there. Jim, Charlie Neal is the guy at IMTI who is working with DoD to build their Fuel Cell roadmap.

Lorraine Kallal
Fuel Cell Database Consultant

"Very informative article … well done!" - April 2009 

Eric Simpkins
Vice President
IdaTech Fuel Cells, Bend, Oregon



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