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Fuel Cell Intelligence has developed a comprehensive database of global commmercial activity.  Constant logging of press releases, announcements, and articles about the industry, continually corroborated with our business intelligence derived from primary sources.  We are regularly in touch with industry leaders, verifying industry buzz and observations

We provide the following services:

  • We build comprehensive market studies on every market segment fuel cells.
  • We deliver presentations on on all aspects of fuel cells:
    • FC Technology for academic audiences from elementary schools through graduate and business schols.
    • FC commercialization to industry groups
    • FC technology and commercialization to industry groups where such commercialization is viable.
  • Ongoing consultation
  • We create intelligence and data-based articles for industry and wide circulation print magazines and webzines.
  • We blog: "Timely reactions and analysis of developments in the global fuel cell market, sometimes with a marked sense of skepticism and humor. I've been studying the application side of the industry intensely for three years, and prospects for commercialization are brighter than ever. From Korea to Vancouver to Westwood to Hamburg to Beijing, something's happening, and I know what it is. Tune in regularly so you don't miss a single watt"


Fuel Cells Represent Disruptive Technology

Acceptance begins with Education
Advocate Fuel Cell Technology today!

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